By implementing the right integrated marketing plans, the whole is really greater than the sum of its parts. This is due in large part to the fact that integrated marketing provides a consistent, multi-dimensional, total brand experience for the consumer. It can be akin to building an audience and growing revenue using integrated grassroots ideologies.

high end marketing firmsThe exponential growth of mobile in Internet technologies has added to the necessity of using integrated marketing plans in one’s marketing strategy. The average consumer is often in direct contact with a given brand through various media to begin with anyway. As such, many customers and clients expect to be a part of the marketing push.

Getting An Integrated Marketing Plan Tailored For Your Business

Passerelle Marketing is experienced with creating integrated marketing plans built upon a high-level of customer engagement. Along with the talented members of the marketing team, Amy at Passerelle offers a wide range of business and marketing strategy, and design tailored to suit the needs of individual businesses and projects. After all, no two business are the same.

If you are interested in having the Passerelle marketing group go to work on your behalf, then contact Amy at Passerelle for a consultation and to get started. They will be happy to sit down with you and review all of your plans free of charge. Let them know what you need and what you’ve been up to so far and they can go back and put a proposal (or two) together for you. They have many specialist teams at their disposal so it can be proposals from different departments that Amy will manage and pull altogether for one big integrated marketing plan. Don’t hesitate to call!

Check out Burke & Burke and their high end marketing firm Halifax as they are great at what they do!

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